A Couple of Mitzvahs Change Everything

Going forward, I am going to try to love many a little bit. I spread around a little kindness-two mitzvahs in one evening; it would be crass to say more. The happiness I brought others gave me such a thrill!

The rewards are more frequent, too. The smaller gestures seem to make a bigger difference. Even if the love I give doesn’t spread or even gets discarded, the abundance alone will allow it to grow exponentially!

It is no more be all, end all, BIG LOVE for me.  I cannot invest my heart on one person that much, ever again.

It is both a relief and deeply exciting to have several small eggs in the basket instead of a big, old ostrich-sized egg and a few medium size eggs.

Today’s thrift shop score? 100%. Gap jeans, different black ribbed turtleneck, a seriously high-end, black wool jacket from a Paris design house. I think it might be a sample. The lining is sturdy, but very basic muslin. Wrap it up with a scarf made from vintage kimonos trimmed in black velvet. Tres chic!

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