Symbolism in Everyday Life…

I have a soft spot for seeing the symbolism everywhere.

Here are some of my latest encounters and thoughts I have had with symbolism in my everyday life…

Not Dolly Madison!
I keep my art stacked nicely in my fireplace. I don’t use it as a fireplace. It works for me and I like the look of it.

Now, though, I am wondering how a self-professed art person can keep her art in a fireplace.

Not the Knot!
I have a penchant for pendants! I like to use a suede cord and swap them on an almost daily basis. That way any one of them can be any length. A quick knot near the top of the pendant keeps it from flipping, too.

One day I noticed though that I had placed a knot right over my trachea! What was I doing? I am working hard to find my voice and I put a knot right over my voice box?  I won’t be doing that again!

Also, why would you wear anything called a “choker?”

Not Listening Anymore!
A former lover occasionally would gift me with a pair of vintage earrings. I am very fond of each pair. Looking back, as the relationship moved toward “former,” the earrings seem to have been telling me something.

I had never had a problem with either pair. Then the disappointments mounted. Coincidentally (?) one of the earrings started to fall out. I checked them every time I wore them, but three times one of them almost got lost.

Then, a week after we parted I met my son for dinner (see the L & L Tavern post) I lost one of the favorite earrings! I was at first really disappointed because I really liked them. Despite of our differences, he had great taste! Then, the symbolism hit me! Earrings are about hearing, perhaps even making what you hear more pretty! I would not be listening to his pretty stories anymore! He no longer has my ear!

Plus I get to shop Etsy for a replacement pair!


How Could You Not?
Get a purse with “deep pockets.”  How can you not?



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