Finding Presidents in Unusual Places

Gino's NorthUPDATE: Scroll all the way down down to see the latest!

I sort of regularly grab a cocktail at a little place called Gino’s North. It’s in Edgewater, a few doors east of the Granville L stop.

Back in the early ’40’s founder and and restaurateur Frank Meltiades dreamed of having a swanky cocktail lounge. When the space became available, he opened the Snow Drop Lounge. The lounge was named after the Per Hasselberg statue, Snöcklackan. Frank picked out this reproduction to grace the bar and she’s lived here since.

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The Grey Area – NSFW

So I have come to the conclusion that most of the sex I’ve had in my lifetime has been nonconsensual. It has been sex I have not really wanted.

It was sex that I had because I didn’t want to deal with the fallout of saying No. I didn’t want to be badgered for the rest of the night or maybe I felt obligated or It was 12 degrees and I didn’t want to walk home or maybe I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or my lifetime socialization taught me that any man would certainly know what I “needed” more than I possibly could.

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