The Man With the…NSFW

I loved Tom Tom Club. Music, in general in the 80s was pretty exciting. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Sade-many women from the era are still working today.

Yesterday I heard the song The Man with the Four Way Hips.

Sometimes things get mashed together in my head. I also have gotten many dick pics over the years. Thanks guys! That’s just what I wanted! One was so particularly terrible, that I am still a little haunted by it today. I don’t know it if was the camera angle-I wasn’t interested in commenting on artistic merit-but this dude had a dick that looked like a Amanita mushroom-minus the spots, thankfully.

This is what got mashed up in my head:

He’s the man with the mushroom dick.
He’s the man with the mushroom dick.
Just nozzle, there’s no hose–you won’t be curling your toes….
He’s the man with the mushroom dick.

Oh and Amanita mushroom species has both poisonous and edible varieties. It’s commonly cited statistic that 95% of all mushroom poisoning fatalities are from consuming Amanita mushrooms. Just sayin’…

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