Attitude Adjustment

A child I knew began getting into trouble at school. It took a few visits to the principal’s office before his parents noticed something. Every time he wore his camouflage pants to school there was an issue. It seemed the pants brought out something in the young man that helped cause him to act out. I called it the G I Joe effect.

Today, I am having a similar experience with my boots. A little heel, and a little zipper and I am a fire crone. I am stomping around the shop with purpose. I have things to do. There are butts to kick and copiers to be wrangled into submission. I am in a “take no prisoners and give no quarter” mood today.

Attitude, when it comes to five-year-old boys, is something that is squelched and squashed. Attitude, when it comes to 57 year-old women is something that is celebrated.