A “Dress” dress


I’d been invited to a swanky affair downtown. I’d decided on tuxedo pants, but needed a blouse. Nothing was surfacing anywhere. I wanted something smashing!

I wasn’t in a big hurry, but I did want it settled. I picked Plan B from my closet. Then, a few days later a beautiful, “so me” dress landed in my lap! A dear friend who runs a thrift (among lots of other things!) said “Oh! What size are you?” the moment I walked in the shop; then he disappeared into the stockroom. A moment later, he walked out holding the perfect dress!

It looks like vintage Chanel, black and white tweed with a silver thread woven through the fabric. It has pockets! It did not even need a trip to the tailor. Most of all, I felt beautiful the second the zipper hit the top.

I wore it to the party. I had a wonderful time. I want to wear it again and again.

That made me think of all the time I’d spent shopping for clothes for similar occasions. I think this is going to be my “party dress.”

Here are some compelling reasons for having a “go to” garment.

You don’t have to think about what to wear.

It can be a daily reminder in your closet to maintain your weight; clothes can usually be taken in, letting things out is more difficult.

It makes the occasion more special for you. You get to wear “the dress.”

“The dress” can become a legacy piece for you. Each time you wear it you’ll think of the other times you wore it, too.

The time spent shopping.

The money not spent shopping.

The money you could use for something else-like shoes :)!

Think about having “A Party Look.” Even the royals are wearing garments again and again now.