Fewer Words Please…

I collect vintage dish towels. I like the linen ones, oceanside places are a particular favorite. I use them as hand towels in my bathroom.

One of my favorites is not from any specific place. It features seashells of the world. “Seashells from the Seacoasts of the World” is emblazoned across half of it.

Today, I dropped it, picked it up and hung it. Backwards. Accidentally. Continue reading “Fewer Words Please…”

Breaking Up for the First Time

I’ve never had to break up with a friend. Usually things just fade, one or both are perpetually “busy.” Part of the pact that is “Midwest nice” is that people get the message and it’s finished.

But I finally did have to break up with a long-time friend. Many things had been simmered for many months. I no longer found our friendship rewarding and felt annoyed after meeting with him. It finally blew up mid-December. I  told him “let’s talk after the holidays.”

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