Fewer Words Please…

I collect vintage dish towels. I like the linen ones, oceanside places are a particular favorite. I use them as hand towels in my bathroom.

One of my favorites is not from any specific place. It features seashells of the world. “Seashells from the Seacoasts of the World” is emblazoned across half of it.

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A Different Cleaning Strategy

Spice RackIt was important to my mother that everything in the house be clean–all at once–in order for her to say it was clean. When I was a kid my family would spend what I remember as the entire Saturday cleaning the whole house.
This was not some romantic suburban ideal. I wasn’t having a Coke and writing names in the dust with dad. This was yell and scream and bust-you-ass work. At least that’s what it felt like to five year-old me! By the time we got through Sunday dinner and homework the weekend was over.

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