Chicago Women’s Club

I started this back in April. The course of research is often a serious rabbit hole. It’s worse when working without a deadline for you have the leisure to make strands into ropes. Today, though I found the knot at the end of it. Or so I thought…

A few months ago, I pulled out a small Hollinger box of vintage paper I’d been saving. I hoped each would find a home on Ebay or Etsy. I listed some. They went nowhere. The slick, grey box looks chic and minimalist. It lives under my coffee table.

Today I took another look….

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The Worst Client….

I have cleaned for people on and off for most of my adult life. It’s can be very rewarding. You can often make serious progress in a short time. The results of your efforts are immediately visible and clients are usually pleased.


My decades of experience have occasionally left me very disappointed and disgusted as well. I’ve learned to avoid at least one type of client. This type appeared on FB today; looking for help. Continue reading “The Worst Client….”

A Working River…

The Chicago River has been transformed from a mostly “working” river to a recreational treasure. However, near my office, it’s still a working river; there’s a cement factory nearby.

I like that most of the barges I see are monogramed with my initials. I always check the number on the hull. It would be very fun to spot one with my birthday someday! #goals

Finding Presidents in Unusual Places

Gino's NorthUPDATE: Scroll all the way down down to see the latest!

I sort of regularly grab a cocktail at a little place called Gino’s North. It’s in Edgewater, a few doors east of the Granville L stop.

Back in the early ’40’s founder and and restaurateur Frank Meltiades dreamed of having a swanky cocktail lounge. When the space became available, he opened the Snow Drop Lounge. The lounge was named after the Per Hasselberg statue, Snöcklackan. Frank picked out this reproduction to grace the bar and she’s lived here since.

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Weekend Moment

Work has been insane…why are all the book fairs and trade shows within weeks of each other? Later this week I can recap my amazing May-Map Fair, CSO, Hamlet and I might finally be able to wrap up a story I’ve been writing about the Chicago Women’s Club.

For now, here’s my Saturday….me and my friend (and always willing photographer) Paul, took a little walk through Andersonville. I spotted these cuties outside Rattleback Records.

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Chicago Department of Transportation Reuses!

I was walking west on Howard St.  Lost in thought, I wondered “where am I?”  I looked up and saw “Winchesown”

Well, I think I saw Winchester..

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