No Wonder!

I absolutely love this lipstick shade. It’s the best shade of brown for me. It is ChocoLiscious indeed. Richly pigmented, it seems to have more of a yellow than a blue cast. There is not a hint of purple in this shade. I like to avoid blue or or near my face, because it makes me look sallow.

I have had this for almost a year. Today was the first time I looked at the bottom of the tube!

I discovered that not only is it a perfectly flattering shade, it’s number in the Revlon system is one of my favorite numbers! 665! It’s one less than 666! It’s second in evil! Second place has to be always “on” and ready to strike because you never know when opportunity will arrive! 665 is more than 666!

Second ALWAYS works harder! Second place ALWAYS wants it more!

The Worst Client….

I have cleaned for people on and off for most of my adult life. It’s can be very rewarding. You can often make serious progress in a short time. The results of your efforts are immediately visible and clients are usually pleased.


My decades of experience have occasionally left me very disappointed and disgusted as well. I’ve learned to avoid at least one type of client. This type appeared on FB today; looking for help. Continue reading “The Worst Client….”

A Working River…

The Chicago River has been transformed from a mostly “working” river to a recreational treasure. However, near my office, it’s still a working river; there’s a cement factory nearby.

I like that most of the barges I see are monogramed with my initials. I always check the number on the hull. It would be very fun to spot one with my birthday someday! #goals


Cormorants are one my my favorite species of birds. Norwegian tradition puts them on the same footing as cardinals in western cultures. In Norway, if a person is lost at sea they return as a cormorant to visit their loved ones here on earth. Spotting one in Rogers Park was a special thrill for me!